Education / Work History

  • Ph.D. Scholar, 2016-present.
  • B.Tech., HBTI Kanpur

Research Topic / Interest

I am interested in rare event sampling, heterogenous nucleation and DFT studies of the same.

Current Research Work

I am currently working on microscopic wetting and adhesion. I am also attempt- ing to correlate continuum theories with results from MD.

Droplet Simulation

Things I do

I am an avid coder and actively develop lab codes on our internal Gitlab and publicly on Github.

Teaching Assistant

I was assigned UOP lab as my part of my teaching duties here at IITK and developed a set of notes for the same.

Structure Factor Code

This C++ program reads in lammps trajectory files or XYZ files to calculate RDF, in-plane RDF and the structure factor.

The code is on Github.