Education / Work History

  • M. Tech., 2016-2018, IITK.
  • B.Tech., Jadavpur University

Research Topic / Interest

  • To study the adsorption of CO2 in CNT bundles uing Grand Ganonical Monte Carlo Simulations.
  • Adsorption of a mixture of flue gases in Double walled CNT bundles.
  • Determining the optimum diameter and intertube distance of DWCNT for such multicomponent adsorption
  • Studying the effect of charge on CO2 adsorption in such DWCNT bundles.


These include only those published in our lab.

  1. Majumdar, S., Maurya, M., & Singh, J. K. (2018). Adsorptive Separation of CO \textsubscript2 from Multicomponent Mixtures of Flue Gas in Carbon Nanotube Arrays: A Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Study. Energy & Fuels, 32(5), 6090–6097.
  2. Majumdar, S., Maurya, M., & Singh, J. K. (2018). Adsorptive separation of CO2 from multicomponent mixtures of flue gas in carbon nanotube arrays: A grand canonical Monte Carlo study. Energy & Fuels, 32(5), 6090–6097.